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Great aftershaves of Europe

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Hi all. For your consideration, a few items that have languished in my shave cabinet for too long and need a new and appreciative home:

Note the size of the Proraso and Floid bottles. 400ml.

The Pitralon in the picture is open, the one I'm selling is actually brand new, unopened in the box.

The Floid Suave came to me cloudy when I bought it. Selling that one at a steeply discounted price.

Proraso $10 this is the original formulation, no longer available
Floid Amber $20
Floid Suave $5
Pitralon $15 Straight from Switzerland.

Take em all for $40

Will consider trades for other shave supplies or tools.

Buyer pays actual shipping shipping cost. No markup on my end. I'm afraid I can't make shipping estimates, but you're welcome to. This parcel will originate from Kitchener, ON Canada N2K4J8

Thanks for looking


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For the lot, I would estimate 6lbs and a box 6x14x10.

The glass bottles are heavy and I'd want to pack them well.
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