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Great actors in bad movies


Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Telly Savales in Horror Express. Actually it was a pretty good movie.
George Kennedy in John Derek’s Bolero.

Even Bo Derek‘s boobies couldn’t save that dumpster fire of a movie.

The Knize

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Good thread. Nice to see it back. Certainly Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman in various films, good and bad.

Nicholas Cage leaps to mind.

I hate to say it in many ways, but Adam Sandler turns out to be a good actor when he wants to be and picks a good vehicle, and he has been in some bad films.

Kevin Spacey has certainly been in excellent and terrible films.

Mickey Rourke, maybe.

I suppose related thread topics might be: !) who has acted wonderfully in bad movies, or 2) which actors who have acted wonderfully in great films, seem to pick largely horrible movies to be in. Or maybe which potentially excellent actors have turned in bad performances in otherwise excellent or, at least, good, movies.


+1 on Nicolas Cage..the last few films he did were just sad. Steven Seagal, ditto; of course none of Seagal's films were really all that good. And (my opinion) he is not a "Great" actor either.........
Much as I admire William Shatner, I have to say he has picked a few weird films in his time. I have never seen Incubus (the first and maybe only all-Esperanto movie?), and only the first few minutes of White Comanche. Neither, I understand, was a strong resume enhancer for him.

Owen Bawn

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Has anyone mentioned Tommy Lee Jones in 'Man of the House'? Jones plays an undercover Texas Ranger protecting a group of U Texas cheerleaders.


I think the difficult thing is to find a great actor who actually delivers a great performance in a sucky movie. This is a good example, terrible movie, but heck, Newman still delivers in Message in a Bottle.
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Clint eastwood any which way you can
A sequel to any which way but loose, original a looser but had to make a follow up. :scared:
Almost anything starring Michael Caine, Robert DeNiro or John Travolta in the last twenty years. There are exceptions, but these guys are mostly just mailing it in for the money. Not necessarily bad, but certainly sad.
Ellen Burstyn (1 Oscar) and Nicolas Cage (1 Oscar) in The Wicker Man (2006).

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Gene Hackman, Russell Crowe, Leonardo DeCapprio, Sharon Stone, Lance Henrickson, Gary Sinise, Pat Hingle in The Quick & The Dead. How can that many well known actors make such a bad movie?
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