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Gray hairs in beard! Time to start shaving!

An interesting turn of events:
I was talking to my friends a few days ago, and telling them how I'd recently been getting very interested in shaving. After they stopped giving me weird looks, one of my friends said she had a Double Edged razor from her Grandfather that she knew absolutely nothing about, and asked if I wanted to try it.
Next thing I know, I'm putting a new blade on it (she had an old box of new Personna blades), spraying some Barbasol from a can in my face (She didn't have any real soap or cream) and trying to shave.
I'm sure I was doing it wrong, because I ended up doing about 10 passes trying to get a reasonably decent shave, and still couldn't get as close a shave as I could with a cheap electric razor. On the other hand, despite all those passes, no facial irritation at all, and no gaping wounds.
I'm a little confused as to how that happened. I tried all sorts of blade angles and everything, but just couldn't get a close shave.

So after being a little dissapointed in that shave, I came back to this site to find a good brush and razor of my own. And then I find a brush in the BST section...but it includes a Straight Razor, and everything else I'd need for Straight shaving.
The price was good, so I figured--why not?

So, despite what I had more recently planned, I've now gone back to the original idea of going into Straight shaving.

I was going to suggest a single-edge razor instead of a DE, but it looks like you went right for the striaght razor.

Good luck and have fun. Be patient.
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