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Grave before Shave Beard Wash

Is A+++. As a long time member of this forum participating in the shaving aspect for about 6 years, I grew a 6 month beard for no shave November. Found a lot of products I liked and didnt like (just like when starting wet shaving) and grave before shave beard wash cannot get any better. Every beard wash before would take all the oils off my face and leave my beard squeaky clean and delicate, took all the moisture out ect (this was cremo brand). Not this one. Leaves all your oils the same to my feel and it just feels like dirt is falling down with the suds. Awesome. The scent is awesome. Growing out the beard for the 2nd time and didn't even use beard oil. JUST THIS WASH. The beard oil in the same scent is their "enhanced beard oil".


Amen. Back when I was growing my beard out I used their beard wash and beard conditioner and its good stuff. I was using the wash twice a week and the conditioner for daily co-washing and it works great. It made my beard very soft according to my wife and her friends.