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Grassy scents-recommendations

I will also say B&M Diamond has that fresh cut grass scent. On the soap, I get all fresh cut grass, on the aftershave I get popcorn upfront and strongest like @ouchyfoot and fresh cut grass in the background. My wife only gets fresh cut grass from both the soap and splash, no popcorn.

If you are interested in Diamond, Barrister and Mann stated it is being discontinued so allegedly there will be no more after the remaining stock is gone.
I’ve got samples of Port-au-Prince and Varen from Stirling. Only tried Port-au so far. Very similar to the vetiver aloe splash I have from stirling but with the lemongrass addition. I think I prefer the aloe splash though, which does not come in a soap. The Port-au splash comes on heavily lemongrass to start but finishes very vetiver. Varen seems a little more complex and interesting but I need to find a container for the soap puck so I can try the soap splash combo together.
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I got a free sample from Pasteurs of E&S Rasage O'vert that smells like a freshly cut lawn. Not my cup of tea but sounds like what you are looking for

"Scent Profile:

O'vert's green and woody notes will transport you to a meadow where the grass has just been cut and will provide you with freshness and well-being while leaving your skin delicately scented long after its application.

Perfume, opening on Aromatic Herbal and Coniferous notes, its heart is refreshed by notes of Jasmine and White Flowers which also bring lightness, as for its heart, it is warmed by woody notes of Patchouly and Tree Moss."
This one always had a grassy smell to me

Phoenix Artisan Accoutrement's (PAA) Planet Vetiver is the most grassy smelling soap that I have come across. I am not sure if they carry it any more but if grass is what you are looking for, I would recommend that will probably get you what you are looking for.
Gap has rereleased their unisex Grass perfume from the 90s. My wife gave me a bottle for Christmas for nostaligia and it is as great as I remembered. The notes are a little more complex than just cut grass, but you definitely smell the grass very prominently.
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