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Granger Question

I recently acquired a 14oz Pinkerton/Ligget & Myers era tin of Granger, unopened! Naturally I attempted to film the process of opening said tin, but alas I discovered too late that my microphone had stopped working! :001_07:

Anywho, I just had one main question.

1) When did Granger start being produced by the STG? My tin till has a remarkably pliable plastic lid, so it's not that old.

And FYI, the tobacco itself is AMAZING. Prefect moisture, smells astonishing out of the tin, and tastes equally pleasant upon smoking. Got myself quite the acquisition for $7, purchased for me by my girlfriend to boot!


Self Ignored by Vista
I have no idea. I got a 12 oz. tub of Granger about two, three years ago in a PIF and it's STG. That brand used to be a mainstay decades ago but I'd never tried it.

I can't keep it lit so it's been just sitting in the tub for over a year or better. How do you pack yours? Maybe the Pinkerton stuff is different. Wanna go over to the Stock Exchange and set up a trade for some samples?

Not any help, am I?
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