Grandpa’s Brush

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    CBB0A1AB-A95D-4A74-AABA-85551D694B08.jpeg F8123078-2CA6-4C66-85A1-B5091501A2A3.jpeg 7AE54DC1-5669-4B00-922F-706AAC72002A.jpeg
    Before restoration....ow!!!
    After a face lift by Rudy
    EFAEDF86-F65A-4D70-BDDF-3422946A0068.jpeg After having it for sometime with the original (horrible) knot, I decided to finally put my Grandfather’s Ever-Ready 600 into play. The knot was a mess. So after trying unsuccessfully to get it out (and almost destroying the brush in the process) I turned the job over to the professionals. A trip up to Rudy Vey...short time after, here is the end result. This is one of Rudy’s Manchurian knots; excellent in all aspects. I am proud to say I now have another bit of family history in the den.
    Grandpa was a well respected master craftsman. His skills as a mechanic, tool & die maker, and machinist were well know back in the day.
    These pictures go back to the early 50’s-late 40’s. Grandpa is the wrecker driver and the guy behind the wheel of the antique fire truck which he no doubt worked on restoring. He was truly a great Grandfather who, along with my Dad, I will fondly remember this Father’s Day.
  1. martym

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    Very special
  2. A special brush and a great story.
  3. Beautiful!
  4. Nice story. Nice Rasiermesser too!

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  5. WONDERFUL! :a29::a29:

    Thanks for sharing the photos!
  6. Mick

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    Nice piece of family shaving history you can continue to enjoy
  7. Fantastic pictures and a great looking brush.

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  8. ajkel64

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    Great story, enjoy the brush. Heirlooms are specials.
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  10. ackvil

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    Nice story and, as usual, nice work by Rudy Vey.
  11. Claudel Xerxes

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    Beautiful brush and a wonderful history! That's awesome that you were able to not only have your grandpa's brush, but able to use it as well.
  12. Congratulations on the beautiful brush, & more importantly, congratulations on having a great dad & granddad!
  13. Nice sentiment for Father’s Day!
  14. sarimento1

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    Hopefully you can pass it along to family of your own one day, along with the photos!!
  15. Excellent story, great pictures, and a fine brush!

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