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Grand Shave King

Sorry to bust out the smelling salts folks but, I just found one of these at a local antique store and was wondering if the top cap was supposed to be…for lack of a better word concave? Here’s a couple pics. You can see the outsides of the top cap slightly curve up. It’s so symmetrical (doesn’t come across in the pics, I know) that it seems factory. Anyone have any insight here? Thanks

I have a modern version of the Grand shave King a Razorock SLOC and it is a smooth shaver and very enjoyable shave.
I wanted to know why they called it self lubricating and I did some very simply experiments with it and found with the double comb will hold approximately 2/3 more clinging water trapped in the double combs than just a standard 3 pc razor. I found that rinsing more often the razor brings water to the lather on the face allowing more slickness to the lather as you stroke the face hence self lubricating. Great razor idea and if you can not find a vintage one try a RR SLOC one of my favorite DE razor and a very good razor to learn with how to traditional wet shave IMO because it is forgiving and gives a decent close shave.
Razorock SLOC 2017 (2).jpg

Have some great shaves!
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