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Grace Kelly or Marilyn Monroe

Grace Kelly or Marilyn Monroe

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I can't vote. It's too difficult to decide.


um, that picture of "marilyn monroe" is actually the computer generated one of christina aguilera's and marilyn monroe's face combined.

After reading one of her biographies, it seems to me that there is much more to her than what you see, so Marilyn Monroe definitely.
I chose Grace Kelly as she was far lovelier than Marilyn, had more style and class. And was relatively free from mental problems (so far as we know).
As for my manliness, I have no problems with it. It does get better than Norma Jean and that was Betty Page.


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OldSaw answered this question in the very first sentence of the original post.

If you watched Rear Window, there's no comparison.
Uh, we're talking about women here. :001_huh:

I know the song. I just couldn't resist. :biggrin:

I understand. Good line! I was trying to think through why I would think that MM was a "great woman'" leaving aside the objection of outer beauty and sex appeal and given her obvious flaws and difficulties. No, I would not want to marry here. And even sleeping with her falls into the old advice about not playing card with a guy named Doc and eating at a place called Moms.

I am not gay, but I do not think you have to be to resonate to Elton's perspective on MM. In this respect, MM blows GK completely away. The "legend" of MM lived on much longer than the person. The cultural icon that is MM is much more significant than the cultural icon that is GK, although GK was no small figure either.

And I liked the write in for Donna Reed. My write in would be Eleanor Powell - gorgeous face, sunshine smile and the best gams ever captured on film.
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