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Goulet Ink Drop

Just curious if anyone here subscribes to the Goulet Ink Drop?

For those that don't know, it's a subscription where you get (5) 2ml vials of ink mailed to you every month. They select the colors, based on the season, the holidays, etc. There's also some "perks" to membership, I guess, like some deals that nobody else sees, advanced notice of sales, and such.

The reason I ask is that individually priced, I can buy (5) 2ml vials for less than this subscription... more work on my part, yes, but money is money. Just curious if others have participated, if you thought it was worth the money, and what your general thoughts were on the whole experience. I am intrigued by the amount of inks I could aquire very quickly, that's for sure!
Yes, shipping is included, but as for bonuses, they don't say anything about it. That's why I asked my original question - just wanted to get a feel of the program from anyone who has done it before.


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I think the deal with the Ink Drop is that you get shipping included, as well as the "I never would have thought of that ink" randomness that can be quite fun. Plus, for the duration of your subscription, you get special discounts on some other products there.
Thanks, guys. After reading all the posts in the original thread, and a thread on FPN, I think I'm going to try it out. My first pen (hopefully) will be here soon, so I'll need some inks!
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