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Gotten Yours Yet??

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I get my first shot tomorrow at 11:15am. I can't wait!!! I don't know yet if it's the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.

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It's a sensitive subject. We know people that desperately want it, and those that won't have it.

🤔 We decided to wait, despite my wife's greater risk (I work from home). We were on no lists, but one day we both got a text message from family MD, tell us us to report. I didn't believe it but it checked out.

Very smooth operation. Moderna, mild arm ache for a couple days. 65% efficacy after ten days! ✌

Despite greater side effects, looking forward to the second. I do feel mildly guilty that family members in poorly run states are at greater risk and still waiting. However.

One day while grocery shopping, somebody's kid just exploded a cough on me. The mother scolded, but I'd really rather not catch the bug for someone else's careless/stupid. I come up with enough of that on my own.

I got my first one (Moderna) on Friday, 2/26. My second is scheduled for 3/26. My company arranged them at a small clinic since we deal with mostly elderly customers. I showed up 25 minutes early for a 4pm drive through. I had the shot within 5 minutes and, after a 15 minute wait in my car, was allowed to leave. My arm was very sore yesterday, but is much better today. Glad to get this started.

On an interesting side note: In Colorado we were scheduled to begin with 65 and up this coming Friday. I just turned 64. As I was driving home from getting my first dose, I heard on the radio that Colorado has reduced the age for this Friday to 60. If I had waited a week, I could have gotten the single dose J&J. The good news is that SWMBO will now be elligible in a week. We're both looking forward to getting out a little more!
The Mrs. got both of hers and is "good to go" but still wears a mask everywhere. She works as a cook in a nursing home, so she is considered essential. I'm looking at May...but so happy the Mrs. is good as can be
Most likely I will get an invite somewhere June/juli. Netherlands, 53, and depending the gov mood I am or I am not healthcare as a therapist. Well it could be worse I am allowed to work as an acupuncturist and ladies of the night are still not....
Nope and in spite of my age group and being deemed essential I suspect I'll get receiving it near the end of the year.


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The wife and I have both had our 1st dose and the 2nd is scheduled for March 11th.
Shot one (Moderna) yesterday; shot two scheduled for 3/28. Very smooth; Kaiser Permanente (my health care plan) has 4.6 million members here in SoCal, but the whole thing went like clockwork. A few short lines, terrific people; the shot went into my arm the exact time of my appointment, which, considering how many people were there, seems remarkable.

Arm soreness is dissipating.


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Not yet, but we'll be there when we get the call. Having recently had covid, we're fine waiting a bit.


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As maxwell smart used to say. I
Missed it by that much.
Had an opportunity to take a fill in appointment today. I was in until I was out. In the system. Then sorry you Are not in the system. Now it’s 2 weeks away.
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