Gotta Love Alabama

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    Opinions here in Tennessee can vary a bit about the worthiness of Alabama in general. However anyone who can name a Minor League Baseball team “The Rocket City Trash Pandas” is fine in my book.
  1. Indeed.

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  2. Reckon how in the world they came up with that name??
  3. So I guess they are in Huntsville where Von Braun developed the Rocket for the space program with NASA. The rest just genuine Alabama creativity. Huntsville is an awesome trip. To see a Saturn 5 laying out on its side is pretty cool. We watched the International space station being assembled.

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  4. I'm guessing it came from Guardians of the Galaxy. Trash Panda is one of Rocket Raccoon's nicknames.
  5. That makes sense. I live pretty close to Madison/Huntsville, and no one I talked to around here could figure it out.

    @whiteweed Thank you for your kind comments. There are a lot of really neat things to do and see in Alabama.

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