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Got two new shavettes from Maggard's...

You've probably seen this type of shavette before - looks like a Feather AC clone, but it is supposed to take a half-DE blade:


Comes in different colors (I bought 1 green and 1 red), which is nice, the weight is certainly OK and I was pleasantly surprised with the sleeve they come in too. Best of all, there are no silly logos on the side, which some other companies insist on putting there. However, there's one big issue with these shavettes: the exposure of the half-DE blade is really bad. I don't know how else to put it. And once you put them in, it's kinda difficult to close the shavette properly. I tried two different kinds, just in case (Shark & Parker); here's how that looks like:

(Sorry about the fingerprints, but you get the idea). It almost looks like this wasn't made for half-DE blades at all, and that got me thinking - what about Schick Injector blades? I get one out of the cartridge and try to "inject" it manually: squeeze the top of the shavette and then slide the blade in without actually opening the shavette. The result?

Perfect, smooth shave, by the way. Very easy. Wish the jimping on the tang was a tad more aggressive, but it will do. I am now quite pleased with my injector shavettes. They should have been marketed as such in the first place.
Genius! I just got a kami from eBay, and with half blades the blade exposure was just like yours. I just put in a Proline injector blade, and can't wait for tomorrow's shave!
I have used a few of the Feather SS and DX clones, both long blade and half DE blade types, from fleabay and from AliExpress sellers. Performance varies. Some are very good. Some, not so good. I am not about to pay 50 cents for a blade with only one edge on it, so I use the half DE types and use the Feather DE blades, bought in bulk for under 25 cents each, or 12 cents per edge. Phenomenal sharpness, very low cost per shave, and if I feel like it I can use a blade in my gold adjustable Executive or gold Adjustable Aristocrat.

The good clones are pretty good. The bad ones are pretty bad. QC is nothing like the Japanese have. It's a crap shoot but sometimes you win at craps, yeah.

The good news is the prices for legit Feather shavettes will probably fall a bit in competition to the knockoffs. I was never tempted, due to the high price, when I could get a straight razor for far less. I might put one on my christmas list this year. <HINT: I prefer the DX style, folding, please, fellow generous badgers!>
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