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Got tho love the smell of potting soil and time with the kids

We got Dwarf fruit trees, peach, meyer lemon and valencia orange as well as some strawberry plants, 25 to be exact.

My youngest decided to help out with the planting. We built a vertical garden for the strawberries, and mixed soil for the trees and potted them. The vertical garden did not work out like the Youtube video showed so nothing planted yet in there. I have to strengthen the back. Both boys enjoyed using the air powered stapler. The 13 year old's side is neat and straight. The 9 year old obviously just wanted to pull the trigger. :w00t:

I started mixing soil up for the trees and had to convince my assistant that God attached the best soil mixing tools to our bodies. It took him a little but soon his hands were as black as mine.

projects with the kids....priceless. :thumbup:
I enjoy the smell of soil. It reminds me of my grandmother. Her family were hops farmers, and she always talked about it.
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