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Got some goodies

Just received a package at the post office containing Mitchell's wool fat soap with dish, Osma Bloc d'Alun, a DE sampler pack containing Merkur, Derby, Personna, Astra and Feather blades as well as a free sample of an Avacado shaving cream.
The sampler pack came with a note suggesting I start with the dullest (Merkur) and make my way up the list (Derby, Personna, Astra) to the sharpest (Feather).
The blades I'm currently using are Wilkinson's Sword, would anyone be able to hazard a guess as to where they might fit in on this list?
Nice goodie list. As far as where you fall in the blade arena, I have no idea as I'm going thru blade samplers as well.
I'm new at this too. I started with Merkur because that was what came with the Merkur 34C. Then I moved to Astra. Definately an improvement there even to a newbie. Now as I work my way through the rest of my sampler pack I guess Astra is the one to beat, lol. Part of the fun is trying different items to fine tune my process.
I'm tossing up between Astra and Feather, if Badmedicine's experience proves to be the same as mine. The wilkies seem nice enough but I reckon a bit sharper might be the go for me.
Just had a three pass shave with my new gear.
Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap: Lathers well, feels good, smells good, can dry out a tad but easily touched up with a tiny dip of the brush in hot water.
Personna blades: Wasn't too fussed on them. Felt a touch smoother than the Wilkos I'm used to but didn't cut as well, if that makes sense.
Osma Bloc d'Alun: Never used one before, WOW!
Edwin Jagger Best Badger brush: Only my second brush ever in 20 years or so of shaving. A little bit floppy I thought, though this could be just me being used to an old boar bristle brush. Tips need to soften up but overall a real nice brush to use and it adds to a nice shaving experience.

A few little nicks here and there in the usual spots on a mole and a couple on the neck. My technique appears to be improving with every shave as I forget everything I learned using cartridges bit by bit.
The beard mapping is getting better and each shave is getting closer and less irritating.

I've certainly been bitten and I can see my self investing a lot of time and money into my shaving (much to my wife's dismay :001_rolle) and I actually look forward to it, rather than begrudgingly carrying out a chore.
I think if your technique is sound there's no reason to avoid sharp blades. You can probably go through them in any order you like.
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