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Got one, now what?

I just bought an old Shumate. I liked that it was made in St Louis, so I threw in a low ball bid. I ended up winning it, $20 after shipping. It looks decent enough and even had the ~100 year old cardboard box with it. A couple questions come to mind.
1) Where should I send it to get checked out and properly honed? I am sure on this forum that list is a mile long, but I am a DE guy new to straights.
2) What do I need to buy? Strops, pastes, etc? Beginner quality is fine. I'd like to keep this economical if possible.
3) Any how to videos that you can recommend? Stropping methods, etc. I just bought a shavette that takes full DE blades and have gotten one shave with that so far. Pretty smooth and no cuts/weepers. I will practice with that until the Shumate is shave ready.
Thanks in advance


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Welcome to B&B Chevy1951. Visit the Wiki tab at the top of the page. You can find the answers to most of your questions. After researching the Wiki, the B&B members will be more than happy to answer your questions.
I've been on B&B for a while now. I've just stayed over on the DE side of things. The wiki is nice, but it gives basic definitions of things. I was looking for more subjective advice. I know there are different schools of thought for the equipment, so I was wanting a pro/con list for each. As far as the vids go, I know there are bunches online. Some probably from places I know and respect, but I was hoping for a short list of good ones before I waste my time sorting through the plethora of videos available. I'll probably check out geofatboy for vids and whipped dog or maggards for honing. I just wanted to expand my search past the basic and find out some of the finer points.
Thanks again
Welcome to the wonderful world of straight shaving! You thought you had ADs before? :lol:

Honing: Doc226, Baymonte and others here provide some great edges. I hone my own (poorly by comparison)

Strops: Contact Larry at WhippedDog for a poor man's strop kit (or a rich mans). That will be more than enough to carry you for a while.

Videos: Thers always Chimencsh's classic, but you would be VERY well served to pop over to the Journals and Diaries subforum and start reading about how others have started out.
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