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Got my pif package

Received my pif from cpeter47 yesterday. Got a mostly full big honking tube of Russian Tet-a-tet cream, a nice blade sampler, a Proraso sample, and a Gold Ball Tech which from what I researched is dated somewhere between 1940-1947, and came out either during or right after the war. I haven't used anything yet out of it, but I'm in the process of cleaning and polishing the Tech, and it's looking pretty nice besides some plate loss on the top plate.

Pics taken with my Acer Iconia a500 tablet, so they aren't perfect, but not bad.




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Razor cleaned up pretty darned well. Even what I thought was brassing was just tarnish and came off pretty easily. Except for the top plate, its looking pretty darned good. Finally going to get around to shaving with the Tech later tonight, and I'll let ya know how it goes.
Very sweet. I just got done with a shave using one of the bluebirds cpeter sent me in the Tech and lathered up with some C.O. Bigelow and they were great together. Very forgiving razor, and only got a few nicks on my neck. I almost always get cut on my chin, but not with this baby!
Congratulations. That was a generous PIF.
Try the Personna and the Astra's you got there and let us know how you like them. Two of my favorites.
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