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Got my first straight!

The straight that I picked up on Ebay last week finally came in today. I wasn't expecting it until Friday so I am very pleased. The razor is in pretty good condition. It is straight and there are no chips. There is a little bit of pitting on the tang and pretty high up on the blade. The edge of the blade looks almost perfect. There is some sort of raised debris near the end of the blade but I think that will come off easily with a good cleaning. There is some staining but not too bad. There are tan/brown spots on the scale. They look like bleach stains on jeans so I assume that it was some sort of chemical that sat on the scale and ate through the finish. The other scale has some sticky residue like there was tape on there or something. It will come off easily though. After a good cleaning I will get it honed by a professional so I know it will be perfect for my first shave.

On another note, my Filly strop from Rup Razor also came today. :thumbup:
Looks like a winner. I have my first 2 razors off getting honed as we speak. I'm hoping to have them back to me by Saturday so I can try my first straight razor shave this weekend.
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