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Got my decants!!


Got my decants (Opus, Fern, Blenheim) and I LOVE them.... just amazing scents! Reviews will come in a week or so when I have given them all a good test drive. Wearing some Blenheim right now, and I'm in heaven! If you love lavender, you'll love Blenheim.

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me too! i even forgot to pay for them and they arrived at my door. i haven't smelled them yet but I am excited. thanks again Rik, you are an awesome guy.


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Castile and Hamman Bouquet arrived today. Great packaging!

This is a really wonderful project, and a perfect way to get reasonably sized samples of difficult to obtain products.

Good show!
first impression - i like english fern more, my g/f likes hammam more. i wish i got the larger size of english fern. i know that i'd like to get 30 to 50 ML of it in the future.
Received my Opus 1870 today, thank you Rik!

By the way, the packaging was outstanding. I started to dig around to see if St. Edward's Crown was in there. :)
Everyone, I am lost. I would love to sample Penhaligan's scents....I would love to get some. Email me if you would like to sell some of the samples and such.
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