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Got even better shave than last with Tech.

My Tech razor is incredible, the shave today was the best so far. I noticed however that using a shaving brush or canned shaving gel doesn't seem to make much difference in the shave quality. So I'm thinking of not using the brush anymore, just adds another 5 minutes to the prep time. I find that using Gillette Hydra Gel for sensitive skin in the orange can works great. I just make sure I apply it well with a bit of water added. But the Tech is an awesome razor. In fact, it shaves better than most other razors including the Merkur, Fatboy, slim adjustables, red tip razor, etc... I might have to make three passes, but my technique is getting better with the Tech. The red Personnas seem to work well in the razor.

Also, the next time I hit the flea markets, antique stores, I will buy mostly Tech razors, the 1932 Made in Canada ones. They are always cheap, costing between $1-5. Nobody seems to buy them, most people go for the more classic razors, like the Super Speeds, Fatboys and Slims. Well they can have them. They can leave all the Techs for me to buy. I love this razor more and more each time I use it. It's simple design is perfect. Also these razors are very durable. I've never seen a Tech razor with a bent guild rail or top cap. Also never came across ones with striped threads either. Also these razors are mostly in excellent condition. I've bought some in mint shape or close to that or lightly used. So it's plus plus all the way with this particular razor. For some reason, I still don't know 100% why I got a crappy shave with a Tech last year? Maybe I had a bad blade or the blade razor combo was off? But it just shave so great now. The shave was so close that it left a BBS, both WTG and ATG on my cheeks. And mostly BBS ATG on my neck.
My Tech razor is incredible...

I was always partial to the Tech shave. On the theory our tastes are similar, let me mention two other razors I like:

  • The Gillette NEW. Open comb. There are several varieties and all are good. These are the ones without the two-pin, three-hole design. Their blade alignment mechanism is more like the Tech's.

  • GEM 1912 or earlier (but not later) models. These take Single Edge (SE) blades that are readily available in the big chain drug stores and can also be found online.
Both of the above are fairly inexpensive. The NEW will generally cost more than the Tech. The GEM will cost about the same.
The Techs get such little love, but they are fine razors and darn good shavers. Maybe Gillette should have sold them in something other than a cardboard box so the collectors would get a bit more excited about them?
I agree with you Polod. I love my Ball End Tech (date unknown)..I get really comfortable shaves with it no matter what blade I use. It doesn't seem finicky as some razors with blade combinations..The only time I got a little razor burn was when I used a Feather and I'm sure it was poor technique on my part.

I want to hunt down a 1932 Canada Tech and a metal handle Gem 1912. I think after that I will have conquered RAD. Peoples comments here have intrigued me about those two razors...


Marty E.
I agree with your assessmwnt. The Techs rule for dependable razors. I have a total of 5 Techs and use them all. If yuo want to add somethig different to your collection try a Ball End Travel Tech. These little guys can be challanging and alot of fun to use. Give them a try.
The Techs get such little love, but they are fine razors and darn good shavers. Maybe Gillette should have sold them in something other than a cardboard box so the collectors would get a bit more excited about them?
The british ones were often in bakelite cases (#44, #27 and/or #77 I think)
One was a nickle fat tech handle, one was a slimmed down(but still the same pattern as a fat tech) handle. It came in open comb and solid guard bar as well.
Look for them if you want a good cased tech and don't want gold handles that have lost their plating more than likely.
Also I like the Tech because you can fully take them apart. Just three pieces, the handle, top/bottom parts for the razor head. Cleaning razors like the one piece razors are more challenging, plus you can't get to all the parts, especially the ones inside the handle assembly. Also with the Tech, after I use it, I take it apart, rinse well, dry it all off with a paper towel as well as the razor blade. Just prevents any chance of staining or corrosion. I've seen some older razors where some nasty green stuff was sitting on them for years and there is some spotting/pitting/corrosion on the razors where it actually looks like some acid or something caustic ate into the brass. Also once every month, I use scrubbing bubbles on the razor to remove some soap scum build up, then rinse and it gleams like new again.
I just got my Tech and tried it for the first time with a red IP. It was alright, pretty mild. I will try it with a Feather after I use up the IP. Good enough to keep in my rotation, but nothin to write home to Ma about.
I like my Tech, too, especially with sharp blades.

I don't understand why clepping a lather should add 5 minutes to your shave time; I make a lather every morning and my total shave time is about 10-12 minutes. I don't think I've ever spent more than about a minute and a half making a lather. I usually get a pretty good lather (that will outperform any canned product) in about one minute.

Maybe you're overcomplicating the lather-making process? I'm having the best luck lathering in my hand, but YMMV.
... the Tech is an awesome razor. ... Also these razors are very durable. I've never seen a Tech razor with a bent guild rail or top cap.

I like my Techs a lot too, but I have seen one (and, unfortunately, shaved with one) that has a bent guide rail. It was painful. Now I check any used razor I buy with automotive feeler gauges. If the blade gap is uneven (for example, 0.023" on one side, 0.030" on the other side), I won't use it.
I tried using a brush to make a lather, tried shaving soaps, tried various shaving creams in tubes for use with brush, but to me, I don't find the brush helps me get a closer shave compared to the canned shaving gels. Also I don't have any irritation when I use canned stuff, so I just don't use the brush anymore. The blade glides just fine over my skin. I do stretch my skin a bit to help me get a closer shave. Also I do press down a bit to get a closer shave. Again I know it's kind of taboo, but it works for me.

The key is not to press down too hard because you will get razor burn. But I stretch/pull my skin a bit in combination with a little pressure on the razor and it does help in getting a closer shave. This works with any kind of razor. But because the Tech is a mild razor, I use these techniques. Also shifting the blade to one side before tightening it down makes one side a bit more aggressive than the other. I used the mild side for a reduction pass, then use the more aggressive side for the second pass and across the grain and ATG.
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