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Got an amazing shave with '51 Tech

Had it for awhile but haven't used it yet as Ive been procrastinating on sterilizing it. Well I cleaned it up last night and tried it with a fresh Astra so this morning and WOW. What a wonderfully close and comfortable shave it was. DFS for sure. What was amazing was that I did a 3 pass shave WTG & XTG both directions and no irritations at all! Going away shortly and this is my travel razor but wow I'll definitely be using this in a rotation with my ej de89 at home too from now on! Just wanted to share. It seems like the techbdoesnt get much love around here soni was concerned but it is a great razor in my opinion!
I have a '51 & '57 Tech. Love them both. I use the '51 as my travel razor. It is packed & ready for Las Vegas on Saturday.
I'm a big fan of my 1932 Canadian Tech. I pair it with an 'aggressive' blade like a feather or Poli and can do a 4 pass plus touch up shave with no irritation.