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Got a new brush today, the Omega made for Proraso. Something interesting about it...

I soaked the brush overnight in the fridge and put it outside to dry this morning. Later, just a little while ago, I used it for an all cold water shave with a Speick puck (made from the stick). Chrome or not, it's a helluva brush and only been used what, 3-4 times now? I'm not sure I want it to get "better" over time. I like it just the way it is right now!
By the way, earlier in the thread I was complaining about the Semogue I had some years ago. Well, I got the SOC Taj that I was looking at a couple, three weeks ago and it had no bad odor to start and is turning out to be a terrific brush unlike the 1305.
One more thing, the Connaught, at least mine, is significantly less dense than Omega's brush for Proraso. For me, that's a good thing otherwise why would I need two brushes more alike than not? The knots appear to be the same height and width at the base. At least very close. So of the three Omegas I have, the least dense is the little 10065, next is the Connaught, and most dense is the Pro Pro. More dense still is the Semogue SOC Taj which appears to have a smaller width at the base but very close in height to the two larger Omegas.
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