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Got a CUttlelola in.

This pen has intrigued me for quite sometime but the price kept me away. Thanks got Massdrop the price was at my top of my "just get it and see" range so I got it. It is charging now and I'll give it a go.

Sometimes a new piece of kit is what it takes to get moving again.
kinda cool...i suppose this has some sort of specific use. what are you planning on using it for @natenaaron

p.s. pardon my ignorance on this pencil's use.


Cheaper than ink
I've continued using historical methods of writing, shaving, and other of my life's little necessities in the sake of history. Granted, I'm not still using a horse and buggy or washing my clothes on a rock in the river but I'm certain I don't need a pencil that needs to be charged up. But this forum is for all writing utensils and I'm happy for your recent acquisition!

Let us know how it works. I'm off to synchronize some carburetors. :001_cool:
I didn't get around to checking out either the regular or the Massdrop price, but it's an interesting gadget. I leave it to artists to say how useful it might be, but it's always fun to read about "neat stuff" that you wouldn't necessarily buy.
Total time saver for stippling artists who are on the clock. No question. This is a pretty useful tool, actually. Not to me, but definitely to artists. Neat.
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