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Google street view inside Merz Apothecary Lincoln Ave.

If you go to Google Maps and enter "Merz Apothecary, North Lincoln Avenue", you get a photo in the search results that if you double click on it you can virtually browse the store.

Yeah, this one is MUCH bigger. I was there once, but didn't have the time to actually take it in. I'm aching to get back there, but it's really difficult for me.
I've only ordered from their online store. I need to get down there this spring. My LOTH loves their lip balms so I think I can talk her into a trip.
I've been there and it is great. Just don't buy the Mitchell's Wool Fat in the ceramic dish which they're trying to sell for $70. Everything else I saw was fairly priced.
I just directed a hopefully new convert friend of mine who works 10 blocks away to that store. I bet he comes out a winner.
How is the Merz in the Palmer House? I'm staying a couple blocks from it on a quick trip to Chicago . I won't have time to get to the main store. Very dad that I can't make it to the big one....
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