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Goodwill cap numbers


I'll give it a shot later today. I have several Goodwills at home and have some other info that, as far as I know, is solid. Or at least as solid as the info on the Goodwills can be. Between American and Canadian Goodwills I think there were 9 or 12 "models" all together.

Edited to add: On D, I don't think that cap goes with that guard. Could be wrong, but I think the caps with the squares on the underside had a different guard that matched up a little better.

Additional edit to add: There's a little bit of info on the Goodwills I posted here, if that's any help:

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I will update my site with some Goodwill razors. But I´m confused with the cap numbers like Standard, #160, #162, #164, #170, #175 :confused:

please, who can name my pictures A-D?
OK. I've looked at what I have and looked at Waits' Compendium (which has a pretty well-done display of the Goodwill variations of caps and guards) and here's what I think:

A is a Canadian Special Goodwill #175. Waits says the Special #175 (U.S. or Canadian) is "Goodwill Type Razors - Gaisman (Auto Strop)".

B is a #162 and is a Gillette converted to the Goodwill type

C is a #164 and is also a Gillette converted to Goodwill type. (This is one I haven't found to add to my collection and think it's one of the nicest looking ones of the Goodwill series.)

D's blade guard looks like another Special Goodwill #175 with a Standard Goodwill #160 cap. However, the three #160s that I have (including a boxed set) has the #160 cap with the #162 blade guard (as shown below). The Standard cap isn't shown with it's own blade guard in Waits, so it may have been used interchangeably with any of the Goodwill blade guards.

All of them would be dated 1931 or later. There's one cap similar to the #160 that was manufactured in 1930, but that's the earliest one.
That’s not polished ... it came this way. Really clean.
Very clean. I like it. Since I began collecting, open comb razors have caught my attention more than any other. It wouldn't bother me at all to have a half dozen of the New LC. I think they have such an appeal.
Hi, i've found this nice looking Goodwill and I want to buy it, but I don't know much about the Goodwill's in general. Is that a rare one? The seller wants around 53$ for it and it looks like it's in very good condition, but it might be too much for it. What do you think? 4069603_0_1522786811.jpg
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