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Good starter straight razor

Hey guys, so, been DE shaving for some time now an recently decided to switch up to Straight Razor shaving. Me not knowing a whole lot about what I'm doing, I see something called a Shavette and think, "hey, that looks like something good to start out straight shaving with", I bought a shavette (no idea what brand as the handle is blank) off a barber at a barber shop I go to, straight out of his drawer. Well, that was a mistake. Cut myself quite a few times! NOW, after 6 times and numerous You Tube videos, I am getting the hang of it and haven't cut myself the last 3 shaves. After researching, I have come to learn I approached this whole thing *** backwards and should have just started with a traditional straight razor. So, I'm looking to buy a quality, modestly priced straight razor, does anyone have any good ideas of some? :blush:

P.S. Anyone have any sort of clue what brand Shavette I have? The logo on the handle had pretty much came off. It's black lined around the whiter handle Worth a shot, maybe some of you are that good! :biggrin1:

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You should be able to get a great shave off the shavette, but its probably nice to try both styles. Go with the whipped dog suggestion. Definitely don't buy a gold dollar off the bay. Or any other inexpensive sub 15$ new razor off the bay , it'll be trouble. The gold dollars will work but only after they have been fixed by someone who knows what they are doing and by that time you'll be spending money you could have just spent on the whipped dog suggestion and gotten more bang for your buck since you'll need a strop and a Crox finisher.
Thanks for the help guys, I'll be ordering a Whipped Dog and strop. Can't beat those deals!
How do you know what type of straight razor You are getting. Some seem to have a larger blade face than others.
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Yeah, I guess you don't know really, which I kind of find to be the fun part. As a beginner I'm not keen on any one type as I've never owned one before. :laugh:
How do you know what type of straight razor You are getting. Some seem to have a larger blade face than others.
the likely size that WD sends out is somewhere around 5/8s.. i doubt it strays more than 1/8 either way. 3/8s would be way too small for a starter razor and probably most inexpensive blades that WD procures require some work and maybe honing off a couple mms to be appropriately honed and those sizes are usually 6/8s or less