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Good Quality Mild Blade

Greetings B&B,

I'm 20 years old and have been wet shaving, through thick and thin since 2019. I have suffered from irritation often and spent a long period of time finding what worked for me and what didn't. I always thought I had just a tough beard and sensitive skin, but I found out recently that my skin is only sensitive, and beard is average. I found what works best is lightly scented soap and aftershave balm with occasional splash. Razors, I used to think I needed a really aggressive razor but found a mild razor (like weishi) actually works quite well. I can only do one pass but still mow down to DFS easily.
Razor blades however, it has been difficult the perfect one for me. I find milder blades feel the best to me, some blades tear me up and leave me very irritated. I was looking for recommendations for good quality, milder blades to give a try.

Thank you,
It's hard to say. I could shoot out lots of names but it probably won't help considering I haven't used my weishi (likely clone) razor in over 20 years man and I feel like different blades perform differently in each razor.

Could you give us an idea of what blades you have already used?
Personna Platinum and Tiger would be my recommendations for testing. As ivan mentioned though you will have to try some blades to find out what works with your skin and beard.
I'd third that and add Gillette Platinum/King C. Gillette blades. I've heard the Platinums and King C. blades are the same, just different labels and pricing. King C's are way more expensive.
South Dakota Guy placed both under an electric microscope and they are different blades. See here.

That said the KCG is a terrific blade (and yes expensive! although I have been lucky to get some great deals on them for .35 per blade.).


My two favorites are the King C Gillette and Lord Platinum blades. Both seem mild and smooth to me. It's been pointed out that the King C Gillettes are expensive, and they are, although they do seem to last a lot longer than any other blade that I've tried.
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