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Good non alcoholic beer?


My elbows leak
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My Nana who was the wisest person I ever knew, had a saying I've always lived by.

"Opinions are like backsides. Everybody's got one."

And they usually stink.
But Friedrich Nietzsche said:
"Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed." :lol1:
I think folks ought to eat or drink whatever they like, with no excuses or regrets.
If that's malt or barley beverages, more power to you.
But because someone likes something doesn't mean we have to accept their definition of it!
I guess, technically, Root Beer is "beer" by definition.
But I stand by my Martini statement!
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I am or, least was an avid beer drinker. I was born in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis and I can say this.

I have drunk it all. PBR’s, Buds, Miller High Lifes, and everything in between. I have drank, pounded, and imbibed it all. However, I do have a personal preference for the Pales. I recognize that is a trend, and it's a trend that is now trending down, but I say the Pales are tasty.

I am an old man now. I had a stroke. Turns out my heart was partly being compromised by my beer consumption. I had to give it up. However sometimes, I really need a beer. Or, something that really tastes like it.

My vote is for Clausthaler Non-Alcoholic Dry Hopped IPA. It comes in a brown bottle, as opposed to their green bottle stuff that’s a bit milder in flavor. I also give high marks for Lagunita’s IPNA, and I’ve heard good things about Athletic’s stuff. I haven’t yet tried Athletics stuff but, my B-in-Law that works in an enormous liquor store (yes he’s a beer drinker) says the Athletic stuff is good. I am looking forward to trying Atheletic.

I am or, least was an avid beer drinker.
Me too!
I was born in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis
I was 13 months and 2 weeks old at the peak of the crisis, I think that was Saturday Oct 27th.

According to family lore, mum was using lead lined nappies on me throughout the crisis. Every little helps I suppose.
I am an old man now.
Nah you are a kid still. May you have many more decades!
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I like Warsteiner Alkoholfrei and Guinness 0.0.

Beware though because labelling can be confusing. For example, many German beers labelled 'Alkoholfrei' most often still contain 0.5% or less alcohol.

Still, less than 0.5% alcohol is what you'd also be drinking when for example you have a glass of freshly pressed orange juice at breakfast.
This one is very good. Extra hopped.

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