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Hi, not sure how ones goes about this but- Just before Christmas I got into wet shaving, it was a chap at work that put me onto this. I was complaining that every time I go to do the fortnightly shop I had great difficulty getting the cartridges for my razor or they were crazy money. I had bought about 3 different razors so far jus to get cartridges and had gotten so fed up that I had started using disposables which are not good for the environment. He is a decent chap with a great knowledge of Ale, Single malts Whiskey etc. He suggested trying a DE razor, "a what?", I said. Out came the I phone to show me. I then remembered my Grandfather use to shave with what I think was an old Gillette tech possibly WW2 issue and my Grandmother had got him a badger brush for his 80th. Anyway, I did some research and got a DE89 laser, stand with bowl and a EJ silver tip brush along with a packed of Wilkinson sword blades and Taylors sandalwood shave cream. Well that was me hooked, outstanding shave though a little close and only one nick due to poor technique. Since then I have bought a Merkur 41c, a 73 Gillette tech (ally handle), a 66 Gillette flair tip and a PAA DOC in nickel is currently on route. I would love a ATT M2 with a mid weight handle but will have to save a bit for that. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Regards, Richard (UK).
Hi, at the moment I only have Taylors of old Bond Street sandalwood, it seems to last for ages. I would like to try their Jermyn Street at some point. I have not tried a soap as yet, the water in this county is hard. I have been told it is very difficult to lather up using a soap due to this. Is this true? What soaps and creams do you use?
Hello and welcome, Richard. Great to have you here on B&B. Wander on over to the Hall of Fame and introduce yourself more fully.
Thanks guys for the warm welcome and the kind comments on my shaving gear. Bit late now here in the UK and will need to be up in a couple of hours to feed the baby. I will get to the hall of fame tomorrow afternoon.
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