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Good evening, Badger and Blade!


It all started back in January 2021, when I realized that I had been lied to and that cartridge razors were not the only way to shave and were in fact a terrible way to shave. I would go a week between shaves just to let the razor bumps heal. I began exploring the other options of shaving and started to shave with a Feather safety razor, which was an amazing experience, and still is. In some ways it feels like shaving perfected. One day while shaving with my wonderful safety razor the question dawned on me... What if... What if straight razors aren't as scary and as insane to use as everyone I have ever known made them out to be? What if there's some magic in using a simple, plain edge razor? So I did my research and was almost instantly sold, video after video of men shaving their faces with a straight razor and not cutting their throat and bleeding out all over the bathroom counter. So I pulled the trigger and bought a hanging leather strop and a Dovo straight razor. That leads us to the present moment. I am now able to shave with a straight razor without cutting myself, but I know there is much more to learn, and finding myself wishing for a community of people that appreciate and see value in shaving the old fashion ways.

That is my story and I hope that in time I will have something of value to add to the community.

Welcome to B&B and the gentlemanly art of straight razor shaving. You have only just begun to appreciate the pleasures that straight razor shaving will give you.
Welcome to this wonderful forum! It took me longer to explore the wonders of straight razor shaving, 2 plus years. I tried it out a few times but didn't really give it a serious go until August of last year. I made a determination to learn it, and, believe it or not, it just hit like magic. It's all I use now and love it! Keep it up and you'll really love the gentlemanly way to shave.
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