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Good cream for a newbie?



Hi there, I've just recently started to work full time and having a smooth face is a requirement so I find myself shaving every morning. For a long time I avoided shaving because of the razor burn I tend to get on my neck. I have been reading a lot about using badger hair brushes and glycerin bases creams will help reduce that. So today, I went out and purchased a C&E badger hair brush. Now the question is, what is a good cream to start out on? I was tempted to purchase some of the C&E stuff, but I was also thinking of trying out Proraso since I read a lot about that. Any pointers?

Welcome, Sungo(your name here)!

proraso is an excellent cream to start with-inexpensive,lathers nicely, and will stay in your rotation.

BTW- resistance is futile; you will be assimilated!

I started with Kiss My Face, which is available at most organic food grocers (Whole Foods, for instance). You don't necessarily need a brush, but boy does a brush make it that much better.

Proraso is also a great cream to start off with, available at Target or on-line. You will need a brush for it.

I take KMF with me when I travel and bring a mach 3 and I will say that my shaves aren't as satisfying as with a D/E razor but the KMF really helps "upgrade" my shave despite the circumstances.
I started with the C&E Sweet Almond Oil Cream and use it just about everyday. My other one is Proraso which is very nice on extremely hot days. It's fun to have two creams so you can compare them to one another.

Same with my razors. I had just the Merkur Long Classic but got an old Gillette Tech at an antique store. Again, nice to be able to compare the two.

Just some thoughts for you as you start out on your adventure. BTW the brush makes a vast difference in enjoying your shave. At least it does for me.

Good luck and enjoy.
well I started not to long ago myself and the first cream I used was proraso. I like it a lot and will always have some around. But The second cream I use is Taylor's Almond cream. Man I love this stuff. I get the best shave with Taylor's and using my Merkur HD. I'm going to pick up a tube of Palmolive this week and give it a try. I am hearing good things about it.
and don't forget that you can get a sample of creams from Scotto, this way you can try out several creams and see which one you like best. I ended buying a tube of 4 of the samples I ordered.

So long as you've got a C&E nearby, you can't go wrong with the C&E Sweet Almond Oil shave cream--great stuff! Get it in the tub before they stop making it.
My two favorites for a newbie:
2.Nancy Boy
Both are soothing and produce wonderfully lubricating and refreshing lather.
I like taylors avacodo and proraso. these lather very well. yeah the might be the only 2 I have for now but IMO they are both very good.

Where are you? It would be easier to make suggestions if we knew your location! You can't go wrong with C&E products, but I don't know what your options are! Are you internet dependent?

Well, you cannot go wrong with Proraso. That has become the number one shave cream in my rotation. Lathers up nice and rich, not too much work, nice scent. It's realy good and - as a bonus - it's really inexpensive as well.

As another choice, read Kyle's Tom's of Maine Mint Shave Cream review for another good and inexpensive choice. I have a tube of this that I use at least once a week. It is really fine stuff.

Or, as someone else mentioned, get the sampler pack and try a bunch. I don't think TOM or Proraso are in there (are they?), but really, start trying out different products, and for goodness sake read the review section. That's what it's there for! :wink2:

You'll find what works for you over time. I just found that it's always nice when you're just starting is to have something that is not expensive, that always works well, and is easy to get.


Although I'm a soap person, the two creams that I will keep on hand are the Taylors Avocado and the Poraso. These tow creams set the standard and are inexpensive to boot, especially the Proraso.
My wife got me the Sandalwood C&E tub for my birthday. It's very nice and it gives a good shave - tremendous scent. BUT for fun I bought a tub of the Proraso shaving soap for 3.99 at Target. I get incredible shaves from this stuff, really super nice, very slick. You don't get the great smell of the C&E but I've never had shaves like Proraso gives.
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