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Good bye to TOBS...

for now. For the past 2 years, I've always had a tub of TOBS in my rotation. Since the first of the year, I polished off a tub of Eton College and today a tub of Rose. I am officially out of their products. It's been a good 2 years with their stuff but I'm going to head in a different, and likely more expensive, direction for a short time. Their current replacement is a tub of Trumpers Coconut. We'll see how long I can go before I get the itch for TOBS' return. Between now and then I'll have to remember the BBS I got using TOBS Rose, my slant and new Irridium blade.
You never say goodbye to TOBS, you just take extended leave.

Have fun flirting with Trumpers, you'll get sick of the high-maintenance model and come back for the nice girl next door who might not be the most beautiful, but is super dependable and reliable, and as we say down under...."She goes alright!" :laugh:
I don't think I will ever be without TOBS. I currently have 3/4 a tub of Mr Taylor and an almost polished off tube of Lavender. I'm going to pick up another tub soon, either Avocado or Jermyn Street I think.
I can live without them except for their Lavender. I have had a few of their other lines and sold them off or traded but the Lavender stays. Why dont you venture into the realm of Truefitt & Hill? They give great discounts to B&B members and always email me promotions.
I'm on a huge soap kick right now but I have to say that Trumper's cream just does not impress me. I love the company, I love the packaging, but at double the price I don't believe the cream is better. You do get more of it but TOBS just performs better for me.

On the other hand....kudos to you for finishing off two tubs! :thumbup:
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