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Discussion in 'The Brown Leaf' started by Argonaut, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. Argonaut

    Argonaut Moderator Emeritus

    I have temporarily stepped down as moderator due to an upcoming back surgery. I also have to give up the tobacco for the time being, so I will be scarce for the next few weeks or so. I'm just letting you guys knows so to avoid any concerns. You guys are in good hands with 73Mountaineer and Kentos, so if there are any issues let one of them know. I'll still be checking in to see what's going on so no talking crap behind my back!:laugh:
  2. Speedy recovery, Jason. :thumbup1:
  3. Good luck my man. And don't worry we'll save all the crap talk till you get back.
  4. Best of luck and a speedy recovery. I too suffer chronic back issues, but no surgery as of yet. Enjoy the drugs! (JK)!
  5. Take care of yourself!!!!!

    Keep us informed when you get back on your feet.

    Your friends are thinking about you
  6. Shave_Rat

    Shave_Rat Moderator

    GL, hope to see you back soon. I'll save that 4th blend till you are back around. lol
  7. Here's to a speedy recovery for you, Jason!

    Rest assured we got plenty of crap talk for Till, so no problem on that front.
  8. the_edski

    the_edski Moderator Emeritus

    Your steward is chopped liver, eh? :tongue_sm

    Hope everything goes well and you are back in tip-top shape soon, Jason!
  9. Get well soon and don't let them make you use a disposable!
  10. Best of luck with the surgery. I hope all goes perfectly well and you're back here enjoying the Brown Leaf with us as soon as you can.
  11. Speedy recovery, Jason.
  12. Best wishes Jason. We'll keep an eye on the 2014 LE pipe for you. ;-)
  13. Prayers sent that all goes well and you have a quick recovery.
  14. Well, crap. Is anyone going to step up as an anti-latakia curmudgeon? :laugh:

    Best of luck to you and a speedy recovery!
  15. I hope everything goes well with the surgery.
  16. An LE? Who wants that stinky thing?!
    Here's to fast healing and a quick recovery.
  17. Good luck!
  18. I will be praying all goes well with your surgery and you can get back soon!
  19. oc_in_fw

    oc_in_fw Contributor

    Take care of yourself, Jason.
  20. God bless.

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