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Goat Yoga

If I'm ever feeling down. If I'm ever feeling down and wondering what kind of man I am, I'm going to look at this picture and know...


... and know that no matter what kind of man i might think I am, I'm not this kind of man.

For some reason, that made me think of Tai Chi

Owen Bawn

Garden party cupcake scented
We used to go to a Bangladeshi restaurant buffet nearly every Sunday after church when we lived in Boston. My kids learned to eat adventurously from the start. I remember one day the waiter came over and asked if everything was alright. My then 4 year old daughter looked up at him, smiled, and said "Good goat today!"
I agree, that times have changed. Indeed, I also practiced Goat yoga on a trip some years ago. Frankly speaking, I didn't like it because I couldn't relax and they really disturbed me with their touches. I have read a lot of interesting novelties and practice added to yoga on A Complete Guide to Chakra Symbols and Their Meaning - https://yogapractice.com/yoga/a-complete-guide-to-chakra-symbols-and-their-meaning/ and many people wrote good reviews about yoga and their experience in it. But honestly, it's not cute at all for me.
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