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Glycerine Sandalwood/Patchouli Soap from Humphrey's Handmade

I bought this puck on Etsy to literally "save my face"... and it did! After melting the puck into my Van Der Hagen bowl and using a brand-new shaving brush, The soap lathered beautifully and coated my face with a lather that is "slicker than greased owl spit"!

In my Parker 96R DE razor, even the super-cheap Dorco ST300 blade glided over my face with both passes! If I didn't know better, my face is as clean as it was in 1964. (I was 10 years old then). Even when I shaved against the grain without fresh lather I didn't experience a single nick or cut.

This little-known soap maker does a wonderful job making this fine Glycerine-based product. At $5.50 (+ shipping) it was more the Colonel Conk's Glycerine-based soap, but it works beautifully and allows me to get a "below the skin-line" shave without razor burn.

I can't recommend this soap too highly because it works so darned well!

I give it five out of five stars for the efficiency and "bang-for-the-buck" we all seek.

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I love patchouli. Is this more sandalwood or patchouli forward? I'm guessing the patchouli is the dominant scent.
I have to say that the scent is so mild that Sandalwood is the dominant scent. What makes this purchase worthwhile is the fact that it makes even the cheap DE blades glide over my face.

Believe me when I tell you that this Shaving Soap is the bomb! You can pay more, but when a simple, handmade soap protects your face this well, you can stop searching and "smell the Sandalwood"! (For the money paid, it doesn't get much better than this).

P.S. If you were to buy some Patchouli Oil and stir it in while melting the soap into a ceramic or Pyrex mug (in a microwave oven) you would likely have the heavy Patchouli scent you seek. This is just a thought.
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