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global_dev straight journal

Yesterdays shave, took the GD66A to a finely polished CNAT convex and kept at it until i felt the transition, resulted in a really beautiful edge. Mixed 70/30 new knot, smelled like wet dog, brings back find memories. 5 test lathers and some A&E Summer in Paris and i can still smell it.

today’s shave was a Simpsons Polo 8 Super and King Pelican 14, and old NIB sample of Mystic Water Irish Traveller. I think the GIT notes have long left. The scent screams Tallow soap and maybe sandalwood now. Not bad, not great.

the edge on the KP14 was so sharp and smooth, it pretty much obliterated anything in its path. I need to see if i can find notes on how i honed it up.

I’ve spent a couple days shaving on some concave edges after convexing a brick of a coticule, and honing up some new razors.

A SRDRoescher blacksmith, and 2 Wings. all three are very much on the extra to pretty hollow side.

almost perfect edges off the convex synths and one interesting edge off the convex coti right off the 1K. wasnt where i wanted it but it shaved great. So i think the jump was too great to overcome well for my preference.


wings 370
Myrsol AB
Hive synth

Phenomenal 2 passer. But the range cover from KoO to Agua Balsamica is not a thing. I dont know why i did it. Not fighting smells as the KoO doesnt last and the thyme oil is carazy.
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