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Glad to shave with a safety razor

I'm a recent convert to using a DE safety razor. I've had to shave since I was about 13, and I've always viewed shaving as an unfortunate chore waiting to happen. I even grew a beard and kept it trimmed for a few years in college, just so I wouldn't have to shave!

I figured now was the best time: I'm about to get married and the soon to be Mrs. Vegas wanted to know what to get me for a wedding gift. She loves it when I shave and always wished I'd shave more on weekends (I had to give my face and neck a breather from 5 straight days of Mach 3 torture). I figured out what I wanted to start with, got it, and she's getting me some nice gear and a few extras to help me figure out razor blades, creams, etc. Wonderful way to start a life together, wouldn't you say?

And about the blades - man, I've read all these awful things about Merkur blades, thatt was my first DE blade (bought them with a Merkur long handle, figured the name meant something good). Now I've tried Crystals and yes, I get Merkur blades may not be amazing in the world of DE. Still, I could shave on the weekend after a week of using one. It's a miracle in my eyes!

However, they are heaven in comparison to a Mach 3 blade. Better shave, longer-lasting blade. That makes me excited to know they're not one most people love, because I know I'll have about a dozen different blades to try soon.

Glad to be here and read what's going on, I'm sure I'll be poking around as I get more acclimated with the wonderful old-school way of shaving.
I also rarely shaved on weekends due to irritation. Once I started shaving with a straight, I not only could shave every day, but I began looking forward to it. Being able to shave without blood and irritation is still somewhat of a novelty. My fiancee says that is supportive of this hobby because she gets a benefit.

Welcome to B&B!


Welcome! Avoid Merkur blades...they are murder on skin. Try Feather, Astra, or Derby. You are sure to find one that you love!
Welcome to B&B. Like some above have commented, I find the Merkur blades harder on my face than both the Feathers and Derbys. I just got some Iridiums, Crystals and IPs in and am eager to try them out.
Welcome to B&B and congrats on the upcoming Big Event!

Even if the Merkurs are working for you, you owe it to yourself to work through a sampler pack. Even in the unlikely event none of them work for you, you'll at least know for sure that Merkurs are best for you.
Thanks for the welcome. I have a few other blades to try out, and I'm (hoping? expecting?) some more come the wedding. It just surprised me when I found out Merkurs were almost universally "meh" and they were a step up from my Mach 3. I've been trying the Crystals and while it's a better shave they're a little more irritating, so I'll see what else I have at the moment to try out.
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