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Giving Palmolive a try

The lemon was one of the first new soaps that I bought once I got started with wet shaving. I was definitely skeptical just taking a wiff from the tube, but its definitely a favorite scent of mine once it gets whipped up. I'm going to give the other palmolive varieties a shot down the road.
Thanks to this thread and my low tolerance for avoiding unnecessary shaving purchases, I too have ordered some Palmolive. I am in a bit of a shave cream phase, and want to try all that I can of the lower end spectrum. So far I have liked the Speick, Old Spice, and Gillette shave creams I have tried. I have the Palmolive, Proraso, and some Arko on the way.



B&B's Man in Italy
While I love Palmolive shave stick, I find its shaving cream to be weak and ineffective. Sorry, for me it did not work.
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