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Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by doctordial, Apr 15, 2019.

    How many of you have this cologne? I want to like this, but there is a funkiness to this that turns me off. I sprayed some on the back of my hand last night and kept selling it. There are some notes of it that I do like. I kept smelling it and kept getting notes that I like and some that just pushed me away. I guess the lesson learned is to keep the back of my hand away from my nose. Lol.
  1. Is this the "Les Parfums Mythiques" version you have? I don't like the regular Givenchy Gentleman, but the Monsieur de Givenchy LPM is fantastic. In my view, the GG is brutal because of the Iris note, which I find gagworthy...
  2. I have the original one, not the updated version that came out a year or two ago. I love it. The funk you describe is probably a combination of the honey and civet. I would say perhaps give it a few more wearings, and space the wearings apart. Sometimes fragrances like this grow on you.
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    Same here. Patchouli is powerful. Not everyone likes it.
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    I went through several bottles of the original version. In my opinion, the civet and patchouli are a bit jarring if you aren't familiar with those notes.
  5. I have what I take to be the original, and enjoy it. Have the EDT and the aftershave splash. Hadn't thought of it as being funky; just good.
  6. I'd give a thumbs up to this... oh hang on a mo - :thumbup:
    I wasn't immediately taken with Givenchy Gentleman - - upon first sprays but it definitely grew on me.

    Definitely this too. I like patchouli a lot - quite a few of my favourite fragrances are very heavy on it. However I went to a yoga for beginners class the other week and the instructor had some patchouli oil. I was really close to the front of the class - not by choice - and even I was finding the patchouli oil a bit much.
  7. Yeah, I think I'll give it a few more tried. Sometimes a cologne smell different in different temperatures.
  8. I have it now and have had it since 1972. When I bought a new bottle last year I had some left in a bottle I had for several years and the scent was identical. My favorite cologne ever. I’ll leave the undertaker instructions to give me a splash before he shuts the lid.

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