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Givenchy Gentleman compared to Creed Tabarome

They both smell similar to me because of the patchouli, but the Tabarome has a nice tangerine opening. The Tabarome isn't as dominant as the Givenchy Gentleman does. I like the Tabarome much better for myself. How do you guys feel about these to fragrances?


I only have GG. I love patchouli though. If Tobarome is similar, I should get a sample.
I didn't like the current version of Tabarome or GG. I have the vintage versions of both these frags and like them a lot. They are very different IMO. VT has a strong tobacco note but no obvious patchouli. GG does not have any tabacco notes that I can detect. GG also has a decent amount of civet, especially in the opening phase, then the long pathchouli rich drydown. At least on me, both these frags are strong and a minimal application is all that is needed. Too much and it can be overpowering and relentless.


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I have worn GG since 1972 and it suits me better than any other I’ve ever worn. I no longer wear it daily as I am retired. When I was a young man, it was definitely a lady trap. Tabac Cologne is my daily now and GG is for going out. After 47 years of use, GG is a real nostalgia trip.