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GIVEAWAY! Give-away Lucky Tiger aftershave

Gentlemen, I have an almost full bottle of Lucky Tiger aftershave that I would like to give to someone. It is a very nice aftershave that is well liked around here but I find I prefer an aftershave that contains alcohol. I like to feel the sting. So I will give this a/s to some lucky guy or gal. It has a very nice scent.
As I said it is very popular on this site that is why I had to try it. It does not contain alcohol.
If you would like it just post here. I will pick a winner fairly soon, no later than noon on Thursday. Sorry I will only mail to the 48 States. (Postage has gone up quite a bit in the last year.)

lucky tiger_.jpg
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Great PIF! Respectfully not in as i like my juice to contain alcohol. Have heard high praise of this product, somebody will be very happy.


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I have never tried it, but have always meant to. I'm in my friend, thanks for the opportunity.
Not in, but a very generous PIF. Lucky Tiger is one of my top five, though I also count several alcohol based after shaves in my list of favorites as well. LT is amongst the very best of the non-alcohol after shaves IMO.
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