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I just ran across this site and wondered what opinions this group may have regarding her soap performance and scents. It seems like she is heavily into scent formulations. Any opinions on her after shave balms is also appreciated. I enjoy using small artisans and she is relatively local. Thanks everyone!
Irena (owner of Gingers garden) is a wizard. Her soaps perform amazing and she can formulate any scent. She made me a custom scent and it's phenomenal. Can't say enough good things. She's also a certified beautician or something so she uses ingredients that are really healthy for your skin.

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I remember burning the crap out my face with her Brown Windsor soap when I was just starting out. Granted, I should have known enough to realize something that spice-heavy would not have been a good soap to slather on my face.
Her scents are fantastic, and she will also create one off scents based on oils she has available. I had her create a soap for me that smelled amazing! The soap performance was good, though not what would now be considered "elite" But her balms are really top tier.
somehow, i ended up with a puck of her 'evergreen' shave soap.
works great, excellent, fresh fir scent; wish i had a matching aftershave or cologne, but she said none was available.

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