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Gillette Vector 3 - New launch?

I've just bought a Gillette Vector 3.
It is a three bladed Vector (also called Atra or Contour depending on where you live) .
The regular Vector/Atra/Contour has 2 blades.
A quick google did not get any information.
According to the pack, it was made in Malaysia on 25/08/2013
Does anyone know if the Atra or Contour were ever launched with three blades?
Or is it a worldwide first?
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Pics as requested.
And yes it may be a Sensor 3.
At least, the swivelling system is identical to that of the Sensor Excel, which I used for many years.
When I get home, I'll try to fit the head on my old Sensor handle.
If it fits, I guess it's basically confirmed....
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Yay, finally my Sensor grows up! I remember the day when I found one hanging from my front door back in he late 80's. I think I still have two handles at my parents' house. I finally got rid of my red Mach 3 just ladt week.
And yes it may be a Sensor 3.
At least, the swivelling system is identical to that of the Sensor Excel, which I used for many years.

Yeah, the picture on that package shows the swiveling system - unquestionably that of a Sensor. The only question is if the blades are spring mounted, or fixed. But it sure doesn't look like any kind of Atra I've ever seen.
I've bought and used this ,it has spring mounted blades .At first i thought it was just a cheaper M3,Now it seems it's a sensor3.
I bought i for my dad,love my DE too much :)
I think Atra has just 2 blades.

You're right. But then, the Sensor used to have just two blades, too, until Gillette introduced the Sensor 3. Prior to seeing the pictures, I think the question was whether the Atra was being re-introduced with three blades, like the Sensor was, since the Vector heretofore was an Atra design. However, it's clear the Vector 3 is just a Sensor 3 with a newer handle. Go figure.
I used it this morning, and yes, its a sensor 3 type.It fits my old sensor handle. It is probably the Blue 3. According to Wikipedia, the Blue 3 is a cheaper version of the Sensor 3, for some European, latin american & other markets.It has been released v. quietly without any ads or fanfare. I guess its Gillette's attempt to relaunch the sensor in India without using the sensor name. The old sensor is still available - at almost thrice the price. This Vector 3 seems to be a modification of the sensor, presumably the blue 3, as mentioned. The original sensor handle is much slimmer, & a little heavier.
The vector is a low cost version of the Atra, & a pretty bad one.
As to how good a version of the blue 3 / sensor3 the vector3 is, time will tell.
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