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Gillette Tuckaway vs New Improved?

Received this cute little fella in the mail today. Am I right to assume this is the same razor as a New Improved
just with a short handle? It is stamped 51308-C which I take it equates to being made in 1928. It's in very nice
shape other than the cap is starting to lose plating.
New improved razors are sold in different sets.
There are quite a few new improved sets, a Tuckaway, a bostonian, richwood, sommerset, aristocrat etc.

Have a look on this page from Mr. Razor:

These set names come back later with a different Gillette head, "The New". As such you shouldn't refer to your razor as a Tuckaway but as a New Improved (from Tuckaway set). Because a Tuckaway can be either a "New" or a "New Improved."

The heads of the New Improved razors should be the same but the handle, case and decoration can be different when they are from a different set.
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The longer new and improved also have the handles attached, the NI Tuckaway can use other handles. To me they feel similar just balance slightly differently with a longer handle. I think the NI Tuckaway is a great razor that shaves really close and smooth for me. I liked it so much I did end up with a standard NI.

The fact that they are 100 year old and still look stunning is a great bonus.
Wolfman recently introduced this knurling on its last handle. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” - Oscar Wilde (although that quote is actually incomplete).

I've only used the first version of the NI and I really like it. A few days ago I was able to find the second version at a tempting price and now I have to wait and see how different it is and if it's better or not compared to the older version. I have the same itch for the NEW De Luxe, since I own the 15mm model and I wonder how does the 17mm performs. Unfortunately, the De Luxe models are not as common or as affordable as the NI.
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