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Gillette TTO with plastic blue handle?

Can anyone tell me something about this razor. I purchased it yesterday for $6.50 and actually thought I had a black handle Schick Krona. I know I need to start taking a pair of glasses wiith me along with a small flash light. I cleaned it up this morning and it is in great shape when I realized that it is stamped by Gillette with a 4 under the PAT OFF. This is a picture I got off the web of this particular type razor. The one I bought and cleaned up looks much better than this one. $Gillette Blue Handle Razor.jpg

I still have my first Knack. You should find it to be a mild and competent razor.

Good score. Enjoy your shaves.

I shaved with my Knack this morning loaded with a Gillette 7 O'Clock Blue Platinum Blade and lathered with my La Toja Shave Stick. The shave was smooth and gentle which is what I needed this morning as I could tell my face was a little tender from yesterdays shave with my Muhle 102 (Same as R41 just resin handle). I was going to use a Feather blade, but I had the Blue right on the counter so I just loaded it. I am not a huge fan of the Blue blades, as they seem to tug and pull a great deal with me. The Knack is a nice razor that has a great feel to it when shaving. The handle feels almost like high quality rubber instead of plastic and it is designed with raised lines that make for a firm and stable grip. The weight is all it the head and reminds me a lot of my Super Speed razor except with a much longer handle. This is a good razor and I am happy to have it as part of my growing collection. I will still probably look to obtain a Schick Krona as I like their look, but I want pay ebay prices.
The Knack and its sibling the Slim Twist are very fine razors, the last efforts Gillette made in the DE razors shaving business. My impression of them is they're underrated inexpensive unpretentious light razors, work well, have good balance, not as fragile and flimsy as they appear, mild between the early Tech and SS Flair Tip. This thread brings some personal memories of Bob Smith† to me, RIP.

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