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Gillette Tech Razor, Is it Da Bomb?!

Techs are great razors. So far I have a post war gold plated NDC ball end, a gold plated contract ball end and a Z3 ball end. I’m wanting to find a couple each of a Z1, Z2 and Z4 ball end techs and another Z3 ball end in good shape. I think it would be nice to have a complete set from a particular year. One set in nickel and the other in gold
I have 2 triangle slot Techs and 1 mid 50s, the pre ‘46 ball end Techs are about the perfect razor (for me) but I have come down with a case of liking buying old razors and have a nice Red Tip and Slim on the way so we’ll see.

My old Merkur Heavy Duty is never used anymore ever since the first triangle tech arrived.

Eyeing a Flat Bottom Tech now but starting bid at $70...how much better could it really be?

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Flat bottom does have little less blade support. It makes against the grain shaving little harash for my skin/beard. But i felt it to be good woth KAI blades , wich are stiff ones. other thing is, flat bottom does not clog so easy. ball ends tend to clog from midle of the guard, time to time...