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Gillette Tech - Ooh Yeah!

I bought a mint condition Gillette Tech (1935 Coronation) from Jim that was recently on the BST board. I got it last week and was a little surprised at this razor. Jim's description was on - it looked completely unused, but I had to change that. I bought it to shave with and not stare at but it would look just fine in a display cabinet too.

I was really surprised at how lightweight and fine the razor was. I knew it would be a three piece (screw on handle, domed top, head base for the blade), but I was surprised at the minimalism and "thiness" of the razor. This is not the say it is not made with excellent quality, it is, but it must weigh at least half of the HD, is smaller, and it would float away compared to the Futur.

So I shaved with it this morning, and, well, damn!!! Nice razor! The handle has the small knob at the end that makes it trey easy to do the "Kyle Grip". The head is so thin that getting into any area was no problem whatsoever - I felt like I could manuever this all over my face at will without a nick being possible. If a SuperSpeed is gentle, this is a SS times ten. The light weight to the razor but it being a DE makes you feel every stroke, bump and valley like you are just holding a blade in your bare hand. It was a completely different shaving experience than I have had for the last several months. It was almost like I was shaving with a cheap disposable but that shave was the polar opposite of that. Nice! BBS with a fresh Israeli and Honeybee soap. And I thought RAD was the last of my worries when I started doing this...

Hi Dennis,

I've got 2 Tech's at home and love them both as well. One is an early Tech with the fat handle (very light weight); the other has the longer, slimmer handle with the knob at the end and is much heavier. My very first wetshave experience was with the Tech, and I highly recommend them to both newbie's and experienced wetshavers. An excellent razor... I'm glad you've had the opportunity to experience it.
Right on! A fellow Techster, I love it.

A new world opened up for me as well when I tried the Gillette Tech after using a Merkur Long Classic. I also agree that I can run the Tech in all sorts of crazy directions without worrying about a nick. I can still get razor burn if not careful but not to the degree of burn as the Merkur.

Really glad to see someone else enjoy this razor. Happy Tech shaving.
I just looked into my little collection and discovered a Gillette Tech with Z1 date code which should make it a 1954. Anyone have any comments as to the difference in shave from early years to later years production of the Tech?

I think I'll put me a Feather in this baby and give it whirl in the AM. My 'go to' razor has been a Merkur 1904 or Classic with a Feather or Swede.
Could someone with a large Tech collection post pictures of the various handles that came with the Tech head? I understand the most common is the one with the small ball end mentioned above. (The ball on this is about the same diameter as the handle, as opposed to earlier Gillettes with the big ball). But there is also a fat handled razor, with lengthwise ribs that is a Tech as well, yes? Also, did the Tech come in an open comb version, and if so, is it a favored open comb?
I shaved using my Tech [top right pic in James' post] with a Feather blade this morning and got a great shave. I liked the 'gentleness' with which it shaved, as well as the 'flatness' of the head, but didn't particularly care for the handle; it seemed small and harder to handle than my Merkur fixed heads. After seeing James post above about varying handles over the years, [brainstorm] I just went into the ShaveShack and screwed the handle from my Merkur 1904 onto the Tech head -- perfect fit! I'll give it a whirl again tomorrow. What do ya' get when you cross a Gillette Tech and a Merkur 1904?

Sorry, but I just don't have the time this morning to post pics of this 'cross breed' razor. However, I am sure that many of you have these same razors and can try the same thing.
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