Gillette Tech Ball-End With Gold Top Razor

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    I would appreciate any help with information on a Gillette Tech black handle, ball-end razor with gold top. I have a number of Techs in my collection, but none with this combination. There isn't a date code on the razor. Thanks for any information you can provide.

    Vintage Safety Razor Collection - Joe Haupt
    Vintage Gillette Tech Razor With Original Box.JPG
  1. Handle from one, head from another??
  2. That was my thought; however, it appears the razor was NOS and had never been used. In the end, that may be the only answer.
  3. The handle looks like a "contract" Gillette tech handle from the 40's.
  4. I just bought a small collection, and the previous owner may have been somewhat creative in reassembling old razors.
  5. I know this set with gold contract Tech handle, but maybe it comes with black handle too:
  6. It’s most likely matching, made around 1946-47. A few black/gold contract Techs showed up in this cardboard box, iirc both with pre and post war bases. Your razor is technically not NOS, the cardboard divider is missing (at least it’s not in the picture).

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    Nice razor, I really like the Black/Gold combination.
  8. Great looking razor!! :a14::a14:
  9. Adam - Thanks for the information. I've accumulated a few razors over the years, and I'm trying to make sure I've correctly identified them all. I've taken photos of all of the razors and posted them on Here is a link to the collection. Vintage Safety Razor Collection - Joe Haupt
  10. Given the information from Adam, it looks like my Tech razor is okay. Thanks for the help.

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