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Gillette Superspeed???

Hi everyone,

I finally took the plunge last night (to my wife's chagrin) and bid on / won my first vintage DE razor from eBay. :thumbup: The razor appears to be in excellent condition, so I am not at all disappointed with the price I paid. (See link below.)


I am now waiting for the razor to arrive, so thought I might try to identify it a bit better. The code 'Z2' is stamped on the underside of the razor's head, which I believe indicates that it was manufactured in the 2nd quarter of 1954.

My questions are:

1. Is this an old Gillette Superspeed?

2. Is this a good model?

3. Will this work well for my 1st DE?


The date code of Z means it was made in 1954, somebody please correct me if I am wrong.

I have a 1954 super speed and I use it alomost as much as any other razor I own. It gives me good consistent shaves. It was the second DE I purchased and I think it was a very good razor to start with.

I am sure you know this already but I would recommend that you do not use the blades. God only knows how old they are.
I think you could have done a lot worse for yourself, as been said don't use the blades that came with it and if you are just starting to use a DE-give yourself time to adjust to the experience.I have found that pre shave oil can help alot as well as knowing when your face has had enough for the day, after shave balm is helpful also I am a fan of Ems place products for this as I have the worst beard and skin combo- a beard like a BBQ brush and super sensitive skin.
Best of luck, Jim
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