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Gillette SuperSpeed with 1950 Date Code



Folks, wondering if anyone else has run across a razor like this. I'll try to attach a photo. It's a 1940's style SuperSpeed with a date code of V3. I'm looking for some history to associate with it, since it seems to be an anomaly.

I have a similar razor, picked up at a garage sale, and received the following info from yasuo, another member here:

"The Superspeed name started in 1947 with the model commonly called the 1940's Superspeed. In 1948 they added a notch for safer blade loding, but other than that it is the same razor.

In 1951 Gillette added date codes, and they also modified the SS to reduce production costs. 51 saw Aluminium handles & plastic TTO knobs. In 1952 they added a metal reinforcing washer on the wear point of the TTO knob. Do not buy 51/52 Superspeeds - they are terrible!

In 1953 (the year of your razor) Gillette went back to the 1940's design. In 1954 they changed the SS to a flared TTO design, commonly called a 1950's SS."

What is interesting about Jim's particular razor is that is is actually a 1950, but has a date code. Note that the message from John that you posted says that they started putting date codes on the razors in 1951. John is very very well versed in old Gillette lore, and this is also the general knowledge on these razors. Thus, having one dated 1950 is pretty unusual.

I suppose they must have started the date coding as early as 3rd Q, 1950, then, and phased it in up to 1951.

PS - I never heard that 51-53 razors shaved any differently from 1947-50. Very puzzled by that assertion, despite John's great lore.

Good point. John certainly has forgotten more than I know about razors, so I tend to trust his information--but I've read that some guys like the aluminum handled razors, too.:rolleyes:
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